Parkinson's explained to Kids!

The availability of Parkinson's disease information for children important for them to understand what is happening especially when a close member of the family is affected.

Parents often have limited information themselves and from a child's perspective it can be distressing and very sad to stand by helplessly knowing even less about what is happening and if they are able to help or not.

Distressing aspects

Parkinson's disease symptoms that a child could find distressing could include very noticeable tremor or shaking and or twisting movements (dyskinesia) resulting in difficulty holding cutlery or a cup and possibly not being able to walk safely without assistance or being unable to speak in an intelligible manner sometimes.

The Parkinson's mask like facial expression could also be a source of distress to a child

No information available

I had been working with patients who had Parkinson's disease for almost 10 years in my capacity as a Registered Nurse and it occurred to me one day, that there was absolutely no literature at all available that I was aware of for children about Parkinson' I resolved to change that.

The end result was this children's book, "Why Does Aunt Lucy Shake?" It was well received among families, Parkinson's special interest groups and libraries particularly in Australia and now is available as an e-book internationally.

A common disorder

Parkinson's disease is one of the most common degenerative diseases of the nervous system, affecting mainly the elderly in our community. With the aging of the population generally, more and more families like yours and mine will be exposed to the problems associated with this disease. Even for health professionals, aspects of this condition remain puzzling.

For children with relatives, grandparents, or even, on occasions parents, with this disabling condition, the mysteries must be profound.

What's the book about?

In this children's book, the author in a straight forward, factual and easily understood way, explores and explains many of the clinical and social aspects of this common condition.

This story is a warm and caring account of three young girls and their much-loved Aunt. Whilst on a visit she reveals to them that she has Parkinson's disease. The story deals with their reactions to this and the effects that the disease has on their Aunts life and her eventual loss of independence. It mentions treatment available.

Younger children, aged 8-12 years, coping with a grandparent or even a parent with Parkinson's would definitely benefit from reading this book.

Illustrations and resources

The book is illustrated in a fun and often, poignant way. It includes a special note for parents and teachers and local, national and international resources.

This excellent introduction to Parkinson's disease for children is just one click away........the subject matter is very timely, well researched and easily understood.

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About the author

Elizabeth Gray was a registered nurse for over 30 years. Much of her work was concerned with the rehabilitation and management of degenerative diseases. To learn more about Elizabeth's other publications:

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